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Partnership between Echologics and BAYARD

During the Pollutec exhibition, a strategic and exclusive partnership was signed between Echologics and BAYARD, the French subsidiary of TALIS, on leak detection. Echologics is a world leader in leak detection and is a subsidiary of Mueller Water company, the undisputed fire hydrant leader in North America. Under the management of Assaf Bassi (TALIS Smart Solutions Director) and with the work of the R&D team of BAYARD and Echologics, a technical solution has been created to detect leaks from fire hydrants in water networks.
The solution features an accelerometer located inside the hydrant which listens to the acoustic signal of the water, the signal is sent to a server on the internet cloud which is analyzed by a sophisticated algorithm to identify and isolate the noise of the leak. The customer is informed of the leak and the position of it thanks to the smart geocorrelation system. Compared to the other existing solutions on the market, we at TALIS designed an integrated solution inside our hydrants as a package. Our engineers using advanced technologies and flame of innovation to create enough space inside existing and new hydrants for our new leak detection system.
We are convinced that we have an excellent combination with ease of installation, price of the system, quality of leak detection and communication capabilities using the hydrant as an antenna. At TALIS we do not only think about the future, but we also commit to support the past. This system is designed as a retrofit for any TALIS BAYARD hydrant installed since 1971.

TALIS supports a project in Kenya

Did you know that approximately 663 million people have no access to clean drinking water in this world?That every 90 seconds a child dies from an infection they got through contaminated water?

As “water is our business” we started looking at how we could help to change that. After some investigation we at TALIS decided to work together with a non-profit organization called “Just a Drop”.

“Just a Drop” has a history of identifying and sponsoring over 200 clean and safe water-related projects across the world. To help give people access to potable water, TALIS supports the international water charity “Just a Drop” with one project a year – starting with a project in Kenya, which has been chosen by all TALIS employees. As this is our area of expertise we will support the selected project in the future with valves and engineering knowhow as well.

The mission of Just a Drop is to provide clean water, sanitation and hygiene education to communities in need through practical, sustainable water solutions. The organization has already reached over 1.3 million people in 31 countries.


Our project in Kenya: Makueni County  

  •  Provide clean water to 3,650 people
  • Help to develop sustainable agruculture
  • Construct 2 sand dams
  • Install 2 shallow wells
  • Produce 2 tree nurseries, with 3000 trees
  • Train 203 farmers in how best to use their new water supply, for food production and food security
  • Provide training and education on hygiene and sanitation practices

ULTRAF PRO – the smart newcomer

TALIS is proud to present the ULTRAF PRO – combining the highest level of pressure and flow control valve with an accurate and reliable Ultrasonic water meter in one compact design. ULTRAF PRO combines state of the art technologies from different fields such as advanced hydraulics, accurate sensing and modern communications.

The ULTRAF PRO is a unique product, based on the “RAF” diaphragm hydraulic control valve merged with the newest technology of battery operated, ultrasonic water meter. It enables flow monitoring and pressure regulation in a small footprint saving significant space in manholes and valve boxes.

The ULTRAF PRO offers digital LCD and external outputs enclosed in an environmentally protected case (IP68) to be used even under water. Furthermore it includes BlueTooth communication linked to a personal mobile phone as well as easy to use management application to configure easily the ULTRAF PRO.

With the help of long life batteries, a maximum working pressure of 16bar and an accuracy according to ISO 4064 (2005) standards you can improve your operations with a highly reliable product. The ULTRAF PRO is available in the sizes of DN50 up to DN200.

Roco Wave

Dynamically into a new dimension – The new Butterfly Valve ERHARD ROCO wave

A new chapter of the success story

Johannes Erhard, who founded our company more than 140 years ago, would certainly be proud of it: For more than 60 years, butterfly valves from ERHARD have complied with the latest technical standards. Globally, ERHARD EAK butterfly valves and ERHARD ROCO Premium butterfly valves are valued as solid and reliable constructions which comply with a multitude of tasks with outstanding safety and economy. Now it is time to completely redefine technology leadership. Top in all dimensions With our new ERHARD ROCO wave Butterfly Valve we are establishing a new standard. Innovative detailed solutions ensure peak values in terms of safety, economic efficiency and durability.