About Us


Flow Control Indonesia are trading company focused on water treatment services. Founded at 2003, as a subsidiary company from Tyco Water Ltd. Flow Control Indonesia adapt to fullfill all the water treatments and desalinations needs in Indonesia. With reliable and premium quality product, we ready to solve the water treatment problems at all.


Indonesia are the archipelago country, located in tropical areas. Thus Indonesia have a highly rainfall rate a year. It have almost 2.500 milimeters rainfalls on average in the whole country region. But in some reason there is lot of remote location, on Indonesian provinvce still experienced the lack of water supplies due to poor  water providing infrastructure. And the needs of water are the daily life needs for all people in Indonesia. Whereas Indonesia have 3.900 billion meter cubics  of cistern a year, to fullfill 111 billion meter cubics of water needs. And that poor infrastructure only waste 75% of the cistern. And thats became the main reason, why Indonesia with some enormous cistern still suffer the lack of water on daily basis at some remote location.  And so, we come provide the premium quality product to optimalized these water supplies problems.

As we can see, how those remotes locations lacked of clean water or just water basically. We want to answers that problem in Indonesia. Some of our costumer like Degremont, Palyja, Adikarya and PDAM  trust us to provide their water treatment needs and other complementary equipment. We have premium and Internationally standards product to give the long time usage, and high sustainability. With our premium products, we hope there’s no poor water providing infrastructur again.


Flow Control Indonesia only distributed and sell the international standard product with premium quality, and proven on the field. We have best class butterfly, check and gate valve, pipes and fitting with PN10, PN16, and PN25 ratings. We distributed products from Talis and Pentair, the two best and biggest water treatment manufacture.

Flow Control Indonesia also have the experienced and skilled enggineer to give a troubleshooting and field discussion. FCI cover the Indonesian region, from northern Sumatera, Kalimantan and East side of Java. We quarantee that our product got the International standards such as, ANSI, DIN, ISO and JIS. Furthermore, we are likely to expand our distribution towards all of Indonesian region.


“ Becoming A Distributor of Valves and Controls with international standard and to achieve trustworthy reputation in our business line in Indonesia “


To be a market leader by providing quality product and services

To create a long term relationship with our principal and customers

To fulfill customer needs and to give added value to our product and services which are absent in our competitors.

To create a competent team of human resources


14 Years since we found, was enough time for us to learn and more progressing to be more competent and reliable water supplies product distributors in Indonesia. We want to supports urgently needs for all of our costumer and we are ready to build a stockpile, to achieved Quick Responsive Support.

With our competent HR team, and skilled yet expertise technician we offer you a chance to troubleshoot your problems before purchasing our products. And thus for made us the best future “One Stop Solution” for water treatment industries, because we are Flow Control Indonesia, Total Flow Control Solution!


We provide the 12 month long products quarantee, but before we give that quarantee, we are likely to check our after sales product that have a disrepair to fail. We can replaced all of our products that have a factory flaws. But the products with disrepair due to wrong usage procedures, are all out of our responsibility. So thats we offer you our skilled and expertise engineer teams to discuss field needs that match with our products capabilities.