ULTRAF PRO – the smart newcomer

TALIS is proud to present the ULTRAF PRO – combining the highest level of pressure and flow control valve with an accurate and reliable Ultrasonic water meter in one compact design. ULTRAF PRO combines state of the art technologies from different fields such as advanced hydraulics, accurate sensing and modern communications.

The ULTRAF PRO is a unique product, based on the “RAF” diaphragm hydraulic control valve merged with the newest technology of battery operated, ultrasonic water meter. It enables flow monitoring and pressure regulation in a small footprint saving significant space in manholes and valve boxes.

The ULTRAF PRO offers digital LCD and external outputs enclosed in an environmentally protected case (IP68) to be used even under water. Furthermore it includes BlueTooth communication linked to a personal mobile phone as well as easy to use management application to configure easily the ULTRAF PRO.

With the help of long life batteries, a maximum working pressure of 16bar and an accuracy according to ISO 4064 (2005) standards you can improve your operations with a highly reliable product. The ULTRAF PRO is available in the sizes of DN50 up to DN200.