Total Flow Control Solution


ROCO wave is the newest generation of double-eccentric butterfly valves. With its flow-optimized “Wave” design, this isolation valve offers outstanding features for a sustainable future. Minimized pressure losses and high energy-efficiency are two key properties for which this valve was developed.

The patented polygon connection of shaft and disc provides uninterrupted corrosion protection and optimal torque transmission at the same time. The use of a slider crank gearbox allows safe operation of butterfly valves with minimized pressure surges. The valve is suitable for bidirectional use and tight in both directions..


Flow-optimized design for energy savings.

Polygon connection for clean potable water.

Water hammer prevention and system protection.

Technical Specification

  • Fluid
    Drinking water, raw water Air and Gas flow control
  • Nominal Diameter (DN)
    From 100mm to 2000mm
  • Nominal Pressure (PN)
    10 to 160
  • Medium Temperature
    Up to 70°C


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